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mg摆脱电子游艺 By bringing together architecture, engineering and an ever-expanding roster of specialisms, our philosophy of Total Design has been at the heart of our most ambitious work.

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Buildings mg摆脱电子游艺


We’ve spent over 70 years refining our approach to building design, always searching for a unity of concept, form, user experience and sustainable use of materials. Our collaborative ethos and breadth of multidisciplinary thinking enable us to produce some of the world’s most ambitious and highest performing buildings.

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Digital mg摆脱电子游艺

Our digital services combine innate knowledge of the built environment with new technologies to shape a better world.

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Infrastructure mg摆脱电子游艺


We help public and private sector clients create the world’s hardest working infrastructure – from metro systems to dams, bridges to power stations, and highways to high speed railways.

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mg摆脱电子游艺ssurt.combines local knowledge and investment insights to unlock any scheme’s true potential – from single projects to master plans for new cities.

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Technical consulting mg摆脱电子游艺


mg摆脱电子游艺We’ve spent over 70 years growing a community of practitioners across the many disciplines that create challenging structures. Our experts are leaders in their fields, pushing the boundaries of what clients can expect in fields as diverse as materials science, building physics, façade engineering, acoustics and geo-technics.

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